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We are Annika Wager and Pete Turner.

Pete Turner
Annika Muller Wager

Pete Turner

Pete Turner is a trained in Paws b teacher for KS1 & KS2. He has over thirty years experience of working as an artist in schools working in over 700 schools in that time. As co-founder of Leeds Children's Circus charity he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 1995. His commitment as an artist has been for children to develop their character through the expressive arts. His commitment in Mindful Teaching is to bring mindfulness to all schools in order to create a more compassionate world.

Annika Wager

An experienced mindfulness teacher, listed on the UK network of Mindfulness Teachers and following the Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness Based Courses. She has a deeply-held commitment to bringing mindfulness into schools and workplaces. Annika completed her Teacher Training at Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice in 2012. She is a trained .b teacher for secondary school children and a trained .b Foundations teacher programme for teachers, staff and parents. Coupled with her background in project management, her experience in tailoring mindfulness for individual work place settings, she is an in ideal position to help implement sustainable mindfulness programmes in schools.

Our commitment to you at this point: “We are here to listen mindfully for any level of mindfulness training you may ask for and are always happy to come and talk to you and your colleagues at no expense”

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