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Testimonials from our work in Secondary Schools

In a recent programme in a large secondary school in Leeds, year 7 pupils were taught mindfulness to help with transition. 87% of pupils said they found leaning mindfulness 'fairly, very or extremely' useful.

“it helped with my life a lot”
“very inspiring and helps me get through tough times”
“it helped me with my feelings and sleep and worries massively”

Pupils say mindfulness supported them in many ways.

“in exams; it helps me concentrate and not stress”

Testimonials from our work in Primary Schools

From the Yr5 children and teachers at Gomersal Primary School
"I learned how best to deal with bad experiences" - Y5 pupil
"Fantastic experience – the children loved it. They have gone home and talked about with family and friends have started to adopt this approach independently." - Y5 Class teacher

Testimonials from our work with school staff Staff benefit in a variety of ways that helps them balance work and life and reduce stress.

“It is already proving very useful in daily life. I am finding that my anxiety levels are a lot lower and I am able to respond to stressful situations rather than reacting to them. I am sleeping better and I am much more aware of what is 'going on' inside me and how I am holding myself. My head is clearer and I feel less overwhelmed by situations.”

What schools say about us

Teaching and Learning Coordinator, The Snaith School "Our school is in the process of deciding whether we would like to start rolling out mindfulness via the PSHCE curriculum. The idea of this course was initially for a small number of staff from The Snaith School to start practicing mindfulness and this need was certainly met. I would be more than happy to recommend this friendly yet professional service to other schools. The trainer was very happy to address our needs and to work with us on any difficulties we encountered."