Our mission statement is “to build emotional resilience in children and adults in school settings and in the wider school community by using mindfulness”.

Mindfulness and a Whole School Approach to Well-Being

  • Pupils can be taught as a formal mindfulness curriculum in PHSE as well as engaging in more ad hoc mindfulness sessions and practices if staff are trained in mindfulness.
  • Staff trained in mindfulness make a shift to being mindful, to teaching mindfully to learning to teach mindfulness to pupils.

Mindfulness can have a broad reach at many levels within the school as part of a whole school approach if both staff and pupils are included in the strategy.

Mindful Teaching is here to support the development of mindfulness in the whole school, in order to support staff and pupil well-being as universal intervention that is part of the schools wider well-being agenda

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Mindful Teaching is a part of the Oakdale Centre (CIC) Harrogate - a not for profit Community Interest Company. The Oakdale Centre provides a high quality, professional psychological therapies service, with particular interest in work with children and staff in schools.

This partnership will enable schools that require bespoke clinical and therapeutic interventions, along with comprehensive universal strategies, such as Mindful Teaching provides via its mindfulness programmes, in order to create a whole school shift to greater well-being.

This goes beyond the PSHE requirements and aims to look at the whole school as a community and its needs as employers, an organisation of professionals and as a community in itself.

By working with the values that Mindfulness teaches (such as compassion, curiosity, patience and emotional resilience) and, with the teaching staff teaching more mindfully, with children who are activity exploring their own minds, emotions and personal skills a truly ‘Mindful School’ culture can develop.

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