Our mission statement is “to build emotional resilience in children and adults in school settings and in the wider school community by using mindfulness”.

‘Mindful Teaching’ co-ordinates and manages mindfulness programmes and courses in schools for pupils and staff. Mindful Teaching offers a variety of approaches to mindfulness. We primarily bring mindfulness to pupils and staff in schools with the evidence based courses developed by the ‘Mindfulness in Schools Project’ (MISP) (www.mindfulnessinschools.org).

Note that Mindful Teaching staff have been trained by MiSP to teach these courses but are not employees of MiSP.

For staff we can provide evidence based courses to bring the benefits of mindfulness to their lives and their teaching interactions.

For children, the MiSP courses have the look and feel of a typical curriculum topic. All courses are independently evaluated, evidence based and written by teachers. They have been comprehensively tested for suitability for children. The mindfulness courses are designed to fit the culture within your school, work harmoniously with your school’s existing messages and help you to reach your educational and OFSTED targets.
Mindfulness is a powerful tool and can improve self-regulation, resilience, focus and the ability to pay attention.

Mindful Teaching can bring evidence based mindfulness to your school in many ways – from an initial ‘first taste’ to the full range of training for pupils, staff and parents.

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We aim to always do this at reasonable cost with sustained and durable results. We can work with the whole school to enhance what the school is already doing as regards staff and pupil well-being and to make Mindfulness an integral part of the school well-being strategy.

We are trained to teach mindfulness to both adults and children; we monitor, record and evaluate; we are experienced in enrolling parents as volunteers, governors as leaders and all staff as part of the team; we enable the children to produce posters, personal journals, art projects, performance workshops; and at the end of it all - we celebrate everyone’s achievements in ways that connect.

We are sensitive to and experienced in working with the Local Authority’s Administrative processes, the OFSTED requirements, the PSHE curriculum, working with parents, working with diverse cultures and also with a wide range of SEND and ESL issues: we are used to working within limited budgets, impossible deadlines and crammed time tables.

As well as teaching mindfulness we coordinate:

  • The logistics
  • The finances
  • All compliances’
  • Certification
  • Insurances
  • Safe guarding
  • Administration